Fabric Stain Remover (30 ml) – Pack of 7


Value For Money Pack

Discover the magic of stain removal with Magic Fabric Stain Remover! Our powerful formula effortlessly eliminates tough stains like oil, coffee, and grass, leaving your fabrics spotless and fresh. Gentle on all fabric types, it’s easy to use and requires no scrubbing. Trusted by customers worldwide, Magic Fabric Stain Remover is your go-to solution for keeping clothes and furnishings looking pristine.

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Experience the transformative power of Magic Fabric Stain Removal, your ultimate solution for tackling stubborn stains with ease. Our specially formulated formula penetrates deep into fabric fibers, effortlessly lifting and removing a wide array of stains including oil, grease, coffee, wine, grass, and more. Gentle yet effective, it’s suitable for all fabric types, from delicate silks to durable cotton blends. With no scrubbing required, simply apply, wait, and launder as usual for pristine results every time. Trusted by customers worldwide, Magic Fabric Stain Removal ensures your clothes and furnishings stay looking fresh and clean, without the hassle or worry of stubborn stains.


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