Established in 1985, V Bhatia International is the pioneer in household insecticides and chalks in India; manufacturing and selling the evergreen Magic Chalk in the wholesale market successfully for the last 35+ years.

Fact!  We are acknowledged as the FIRST Registrants and lawful manufacturers in India of CYPERMETHRIN based Insecticide Chalks for use against Cockroaches (Acknowledged by Central Insecticide Board, Government of India).

Our brand is one of the leading and most trusted household repellent brands in India. Our products, always of the finest quality, have stood the test of time, with a strong presence throughout the country.

We are proud of our latest product segment, a range of ALL NATURAL,
non-toxic repellents under



Today, the cost of pest control which yields results only temporarily, is becoming increasingly  unaffordable. Moreover, they rarely keep one’s house/office/space safe and free from uninvited visitors such as rats, ants, lizards, cockroaches or mosquitos for a long timeframe.

This is where Magic steps in, providing various highly effective and affordable solutions in the form of household insect repellents. Our products are essentially herbal, therefore making sure our customers’ spaces are completely safe.

Each of our products has been designed with utmost care and a strong scientific background, with years of research and development.

At Magic, we always ensure the health and safety of our customers. Experience a pest-free and happy space!